Highlights!!!! Come get ready for summer!

Summer is just around the corner, despite all the snow, and I know that there are a lot of you ready to get your highlights in! I have many different ways to brighten and lighten your hair that will make every one look amazing! I can offer highlights for any budget! So come by today and get your blonde on!!!


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Make your event sparkle with a Tattoo Artist and Glitter Tattoos!


With a large selection to choose from that will complement your occasion, these long lasting tattoos will serve as enduring memories to the wonderful time your guests enjoyed.

SAFE: All of our tattoos, including cosmetic glitters and liquid glues, are made with hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials and are dermatologist approved safe even for sensitive skin.

LONG-LASTING: Tattoos are waterproof and will stand up to showering for up to seven days.

EASY REMOVAL: Use a cotton ball moistened with alcohol or baby oil to gently rub-off the tattoo.

Memphis Open, Tennis Tournament.

Yesterday Morning I was invited to do the ladies’ hair who participated in the hit with a pro tennis clinic and brunch for the opening of the Memphis Open. It was a lovely experience, I met some lovely ladies and even got to me a few of the Pros who are playing in this tournament. If you are a Memphis Local then you really should go out and watch these players. They are amazing and will no doubt be contenders in the Tennis world.

Check out the Memphis Open Website Here

New York Fashion Week Starts Today.

I know that New York has been gearing up for Fashion Week. We already know that Marsala is still our Color of the Year, so I am going to tell you what else is trending for Fall. Over the next few days I will tell you about what hair styles are shown on the catwalk and if there are any new color trends. So far Pantone has released the fall color line of muted earth tones that complement the Marsala color.   Juxtaposition of color from opposite sides of the spectrum emphasizes poise and confidence on the runway. The Fall 2015 palette is rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion; it is the first time we are seeing a truly unisex color palette.  Says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute®

You can see the Fall color lineup here at the Pantone Website.

I suspect hair will be lovely naturals in darker tones and caramels. I will report back with what I see.

Correctly using your flat Iron, and other ways to keep your hair healthy and strong.

I have so many of you coming in and sitting in my chair and all of you have the same kind of hair. You have layers that were never cut in. You do not like to get your hair cut on a regular bases and you have a very strong curl pattern. So your hair is dry, damaged, and with so many split ends. Every time I ask about your hair care routine it is always the same. You use a flat iron every day set at 400+ degrees. PLEASE STOP! That is WAY TOO HOT, please do not set your flat iron for anything hotter than 250 Degrees. Make one or two passes over your hair, and try not to do it every single day. Also it is VERY IMPORTANT to use a heat protection spray, make sure that you have applied it to all of your hair, the hair that grows out of the top of your head and the very ends of all your hair are the areas that need the most protection. Use a good product, the stuff from the local drug store is not good enough. Also you do not need to put a lot of heat on the ends they are delicate enough.

When you have super curly hair (before you flat iron) you need to make sure that it is healthy. Curly hair drys out the fastest and usually is the texture of hair that gets straightened the most. (That is a bit obvious, I know.) Maintaining healthy curly hair really depends on how much moisture your hair is getting. Repairing creams and masks are my favorite go-tos to give my hair the moisture it needs. Also give your hair some curly days, all of that tension and heat is zapping out the elasticity and making your hair dull and limp.

Get a hair cut, I know you are growing your hair out, but find a stylist (like me) who will just dust your ends. That means they will just cut off the split ends. This will keep those split ends from splitting all the way up the hair shaft. It will also help manage the ends that are too dry and brittle from the the heat styling. This will help your hair grow faster, healthier, and longer.

If you really want straight no fuss hair, then come see me, I have a few straightening procedures that we can do that will not only straighten your hair but also add much needed protein to help keep it healthy and beautiful. The come in both simi-permanent and permanent types. We can go over that more in a consultation.

Re-Moisturizing Dry Hair.

Lately I have have a few customers with dry hair in my chair and so I thought I would write a little something about some easy ways to make sure that you provide moisture for you tresses.

Today I want to talk about my first go-to when trying to moisturize dry hair, and that is NOT Shampooing. I feel that the soaps and ingredients in shampoo today are harsh and damaging. I personally have not bought real shampoo in quite a while. I use baking soda when my hair need a good cleaning, I mix my baking soda with water in a 1:1 ratio and pour it at the roots of my hair in different sections then massage very gently into my scalp to help break out the grit and grime. Then I rinse that all out and use a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar to condition. In between those baking soda and vinegar washes, I use just my favorite conditioner to hydrate my hair and cleans ever so gently. Most conditioners have alcohols in them which act like very soft cleansers, it similar to using cold cream to remove make up from your face. You can even skip all of that and just use the hot water from your shower and massage your scalp to loosed the extra dirt and oil, the hot water to help to melt it away. In fact massaging your scalp is a beneficial way to keep your scalp clean and revitalized.

spritzBrushing your hair with a boars hair bristle brush will also help spread the oils that your scalp produces all the way down through your hair strands. This really helps moisturize and condition your hair.

If you hair is still in need of moisture then you can try leave in conditioners like Natural Impact Camellia Spritz. Or any combination of your favorite conditioner and water 1:1 mix ratio in a spray bottle of your choice.

To purchase Camellia Hair Spritz contact Alex at
T: 901 289 9045

Try it out and see if it works you can always use these methods in combination with your own personal hair care routine.

Sleeping with Curls. How to make sure they look fresh the next day.

Most Curly Girls know that sleeping with curls usually leads to washing them the next day to get them back to their bouncy and beautiful way without the frizz and flatness.

I for one have ALWAYS slept with a satin pillow case and I have found the re-curling sprays will work for the most part. Sometime I also just use a spray bottle of water and the Natural Impact Curl Serum and Himalayan Salt Spray  to get my curls back. However, I am always on the search for new ways to prep my curls for bedtime survival. In my research I have found new ways that seem like they would do the trick:

1) Sleep in Gel. Put that nice hard hold gel in, you can spray down your hair or just lay it on top of dry. Let the gel dry and Vola! As you sleep the gel will crunch out and you will have perfectly formed non-frizzy curls for the day ahead.

2) You can always do variations on the rag curlers and twist your curls up so that they will sleep all nice and snug to your head in protected little twists to keep them together. Let them all down the next morning, put some product in and you are set.

3) Curl refreshing is also a way to make sure your curls are set and ready for the day, you can do this by brushing through your hair with a soft bristle brush to help spread the oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair strands. Then spray a mixture of your favorite conditioner water in a 1:1 ratio and spray that on your hair comb through with a wide tooth comb and twist and style your curls back into shape.

These are my three favorite methods of making sure your curls are great for the next day with out washing. Happy Curling!

Huge Bombshell Hair! Vogue says it is making a come back!

I love bombshell hair, lately I have been obsessed with Bridgette Bardot and her hair. That sexy, messy, big mess of wonderful hair that looks like shbridgette Bardote just fabulously rolled out of bed and pinned up a few pieces and got to her day.

I love the height in the crown and just that little bit of wispy bang to frame the face. It really is easy to get if you have the right tools. All you have to do is get the lift at the roots with your hot rollers and then tease to form the base for the rest of the hair to lay on.

There are many variations on the bombshell hair style you can go baby bombshell or all out bombshell. Have a look at the Vogue article and keep an eye out for this hair style! Just another fun thing to ad to your wheel house to go with those special outfits.

The Return of Hot Rollers: Why Bombshell Hair is Making a Comeback

The End of January!

Thank you to every one who helped contribute to my drive to raise money for Humane Society. So far we raided $155 and at the end of the day tomorrow I will be writing the check over to the humane society! Thank you for being involved! I look forward to doing this again next year!


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