Maker Fair attracts artisans to City Hall

Article and photo from the Commercial Appeal.


June 21, 2016 — Costume designer Alexandria Perel sets up a small tent outside of City Hall at the start of the Memphis Maker Fair featuring wares from local artists and artisans sponsored by the organization Made By Project. (Jim Weber/The Commercial Appeal) Image credit: Jim Weber
More than a dozen artisans displayed products Tuesday as Mayor Jim Strickland kicked off the Memphis Maker Fair at City Hall.

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Memphis Makers Festival

I am here today at the Memphis Makers’ Festival, located infront of City Hall. The Mayor just spoke about how to help Makers in Memphis be able to grow their businesses.

Leading up to this festival, I had the honor of helping develop a survey that is geared to help Makers talk about what they need as local resources. If you are a Memphis Maker you can find the Survey at




Please check out local media and learn more about what Memphis is doing for Makers!

27 Facts About The “Outlander” Costumes You Probably Never Knew

This article is a great behind the scenes look at one of the most beautiful shows being costumed right now.  All hand made,  hand embroidered,  hand painted. If only I had a team as skilled.


Girls from Earlswood stole a downed German airman’s parachute to make silk knickers – Birmingham Mail

We shall fight them on the breeches…

09:44, 11 JAN 2013 UPDATED 17:50, 11 JAN 2013 BY BIRMINGHAM MAIL

The story of how Earlswood girls stole a downed German airman’s parachute to make silk knickers is revealed by visitor to Antiques Roadshow

To read more of this story, click this link.


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